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Stress can be triggered at any time in life both physical stress and mental stress. Over time the negative effects of stress can affect our health through our immune system, digestion, or nervous system. Figuring out what is causing stress in life and working to eliminate this stress can ultimately bring healing to your body, holy basil can help aid in the process by reducing the stress hormones and help in recovery for quick relieve of your daily woes. There never seems to be an end to the daily list of things to do and things to worry about. Stress and anxiety are major problems in modern life. A certain amount of stress is normal to feel about things you can’t control. But don’t make it worse on yourself by doing nothing but be anxious. It’s no failure on your part to go ask a doctor for help with your constant worrying.

One of the most common faulty methods of behavior performed by every sufferer who enters into a harrowing occurrence of stress, depression or anxiety concerns the words they use to describe situations and events they are confronted with. In using powerful, emotive words, sufferers will trigger the fear response and the more they use such words, the worse their sufferinggets.Powerful, emotional words are part of everybody's vocabulary. Sometimes, we use these words when we lose our temper or we become angry and frustrated. In this state, we vent to our anger, feelings and the emotions within us.

When stress becomes chronic, elevated stress hormones can be a problem. These stress hormones effect inflammation, immune system response, and metabolism. When our bodies are continually stressed these hormones are continually high and can affect the nervous system causing anxiety and depression, suppress the immune system which can lead to sickness or disease, or effect the digestive function causing over eating and weight gain. Although we dont want to turn off the stress mechanism, we dont want to remain in a state of constant stress.

Along with following your doctor’s advice, here are some natural stress and anxiety relief tips and information that is sure to help

Natural Stress And Anxiety Relief--You Have the Power

It’s not your fault that events in life stress you out more so than other people. Don’t put yourself down for feeling stressed or anxious. You don’t know what goes on in other people’s heads – they may be having panic attacks and are just very good at covering them up. Choosing not to compare yourself with others can bring helpful and inexpensive natural stress and anxiety relief to you.

You might not be able to control the events that happen to you, but you can choose how you react to those events. Ever wonder why people live in Tornado Alley? Yes, a tornado can come along at any moment and wipe their homes off the face of the planet, but they keep right on keeping on. Tornados always striking the same place rarely happen. If a tornado only happens in your town once every hundred years, do you spend the entire tornado-free days anxiously waiting for the tornado? No. You choose not to worry about getting hit by a tornado until you’re hit. If nothing bad is immediately happening to you, keeping that fact in mind can also be powerful natural stress and anxiety relief.

Holy Basil The Holy Grail For Natural Stress And Anxiety Relief

There is hope for natural stress and anxiety relief. Holy basil is an herb found in India used for more 3000 years for medicinal purposes. Holy basil is a member of the mint family. Closely related to the sweet basil we cook with. Holy basil is native to tropical regions of Asia and can now be found throughout the tropical parts of the world. Holy basil is a strong antioxidant that demonstrates antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. (4-6) Holy basil has been used to treat everything from the common cold to bronchitis and even fever. Holy basil has been used as a digestive aid and can be good for ulcers. Lets examine how modern science has taken a closer look at this herb. In the past ten years scientific studies have focused on the benefits of holy basil consumed orally. These studies have revealed great promise and suggesting holy basil may indeed provide effective relief of those previously mentioned customary uses. Studies have even suggested that holy basil can be taken with radiation therapy to help fight side effects, and even good for diabetes. Holy basils greatest potential is in the area of stress relief and relaxation.

Holy basil has various compounds that provide health benefits. Such as, eugenol and caryophyllene which are aromatic compounds that are pleasing fragrant scents said to boost mood and spirit. Studies suggest that eugenol helps combat stress and enhance mental clarity. Triterpenoic acid an isolate of holy basil has been shown to improve the bodys response to stress. Several studies have examined the anti-stress effects of the different components of holy basil. When isolated and examined individually, the eugenol and caryophyllene significantly reduced the corticosterone level and helped the body cope with stress, elevate mood and improve mental clarity.

Exercise Is A Powerful Stress and Anxiety Relief Tool

And moving on is another powerful and inexpensive natural stress and anxiety relief medicine. Take a walk, wash the dishes or dance up a sweat to your favorite song. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling and shake them out. Laugh, pet your dog or your cat – just do something. Don’t sit there dwelling on your problems. The motion can often lower your blood pressure, relax your body and distract your mind from your worries. And this way you might be able to get chores done, too. Natural stress and anxiety relief is not only inexpensive and takes practice, but is also practical. Stress can be triggered at any time in life both physical stress and mental stress. Over time the negative effects of stress can affect our health through our immune system, digestion, or nervous system.




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