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Powerful Celtic Stress Relief Music and Methods

To help deal with the daily grind there are many options available. Some of those options include meditation, practicing yoga, hobbies, etc. One additional method of stress relief is by utilizing the power of Celtic stress relief methods. Specifically, these methods can include Celtic music and working with Celtic knots.

For many of us stress is a real part of our daily lives. A typical stressful day generally involves interactions with children, a spouse, co-workers, a micromanaging boss and fellow commuters.

Added to the stressful mix are on-going daily concerns that can rob lives of peace and harmony. Those concerns include the paying of bills, non-functioning cars, mortgages, health issues, etc.

Celtic Knots

Another stress relief action that can be taken by individuals is by engaging in a hobby. A hobby will help to divert the thoughts and energies of the stressed individual and concentrate on an activity in which there are no expectations, timelines or other stressors.

Therefore, one additional Celtic stress relief method is through the hobby of tying Celtic knots. There are at least two benefits that can be realized through this Celtic stress relief method.

The first is that the Celtic knot is a symbol of eternity. These interwoven knots are often seen on marriage bands. The symbolism of these knots on wedding bands speaks to eternal love and commitment. When involved in this Celtic stress relief hobby, the individual may be able to increase their spiritual awareness and realize that stresses pale in comparison to eternal things.

The secondary benefit is the education and satisfaction gained from creating something beautiful from stress. The educational lesson is that stress can be channeled and used positively.

The Influence Of Celtic Music For Stress Relief

When listening to Celtic stress relief music allow its embrace and visualize the music like a light spring shower washing away the stress from the day. Also, allow breathing to ebb and flow with the music. In addition, it is important to concentrate on the music of silence between the notes.

There are certain features that should be associated with Celtic stress relief music when using this powerful method to dispel stress. One of those features should be an appropriate musical rhythm. Rhythm is the measured movement of the music. To reduce stress the rhythm should be slow and methodical. The appropriate number of the music’s rhythmic beats should be 72 beats per minute or less. This is due to the fact that this is the average number that the human heart beats per minute.

In addition, the music that is used to relieve stress should produce powerful imagery. That imagery could be rolling hills, lush green grass, softly flowing streams, etc. The instrumentation and music of Celtic stress relief music creates those stress relieving thoughts. This is due to the mind associating the flutes and stringed instruments of Celtic music with the countryside of Ireland and Scotland.



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