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Choosing Between Harmony Or Stress And Anxiety Relief

Your emotional and physical reactions to stress are partly related to the sensitivity of your sympathetic nervous system. This system produces the fight or flight reaction in response to stress and excitement, speeding up and heightening the pulse rate, respiration, muscle tension, glandular function, and circulation of the blood. If you have recurrent anxiety symptoms, either major or minor lifestyle and emotional upsets may cause an overreaction of your sympathetic system. If you have an especially stressful life, your sympathetic nervous system may always be poised to react to a crisis, putting you in a state of constant tension. In this mode, you tend to react to small stresses the same way you would react to real emergencies.

If you were to ask the average person on the street whether they would want harmony or stress and anxiety relief, it would seem that the answer would be obvious. Individuals today seem to be more stressed out than those individuals in past generations. This high stress level seems to be due to a number of factors. Those factors include stressful jobs, the high cost of living, factors that pull the family apart, global issues, etc.

Harmony Or Stress

Unfortunately, choosing harmony or stress and anxiety relief cannot be addressed by simply taking a pill or a commodity that can be picked up at the local store. Choosing harmony or stress and anxiety relief is a process that needs to be cultivated and requires a change in thinking. In addition, a conscious or unconscious choice is made when selecting harmony or stress and anxiety relief.

The Process

The process of choosing harmony or stress and anxiety relief begins with cognitive thinking. This simply means to be aware of how you think, what you think, how you process information and what triggers stress in your life.

Once you become aware of some of these factors you can immediately “catch yourself” and begin to think differently or avoid those triggers that create stress. For example, if an individual’s personality stresses you avoid them if possible. If this is not practical, endeavor to think about them differently. This can be accomplished by focusing on their good qualities or expressing thankfulness and appreciation for them rather than allowing them to cause stress.

To aid in identifying those stress triggers that prevent the individual from choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief keep a journal. When it is convenient write in a journal those times where you felt stress. This will not help you to identify those issues, but help you in tracking your successful progress.

Cultivation Of Harmony, Stress or Anxiety Relief

Choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief also involves behavioral changes. Behavioral changes means that if you are walking down a road that has a big pot hole and you fall into that hole all the time what do you expect other than you will get hurt. The key is to walk down a different road.

Therefore, when choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief the different road means avoiding circumstances and people that cause that stress. If meeting a deadline stresses you out work on the project well in advance and avoid waiting until the last minute to complete the project. If your daily commute is stressful, make arrangements to car pool, take public transportation or simply take another route. If the less stressful route is longer compensate by leaving your home earlier.

Also, it is important to say no when choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything we want. Realize your limitations and graciously decline the requests of others.

Change In Thinking Towards Harmony and Stress

The energy that accumulates in the body to meet this emergency must be discharged in order to bring your body back into balance. Repeated episodes of the fight or flight reaction deplete your energy reserves and, if they continue, cause a downward spiral that can lead to emotional burnout and eventually complete exhaustion. You can break this spiral only by learning to manage stress in a way that protects and even increases your energy level. You can learn to have both harmony stress and anxiety relief.

Quieting the Mind and Body

If you have recurring symptoms of anxiety and nervous tension you are usually barraged by a constant stream of negative self-talk. Throughout the day your conscious mind may be inundated with thoughts, feelings, and fantasies that trigger feelings of upset. Many of these thoughts replay unresolved issues of health, finances, or personal and work relationships. This relentless mental replay of unresolved issues can reinforce the anxiety symptoms and be exhausting. It is important to know how to shut off the constant inner dialogue and quiet the mind. Remember the mind is both a powerful and terrible thing.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that when choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief a change in thinking is required. When something happens there are two ways that an individual can reflect on that event. They can see the glass as half empty or half full. Obviously looking for the positive is the best response as it will help to minimize the stress on the body and mind.

Finally, when choosing harmony or stress and anxiety relief learn to smile. It will lighten your load as well as make people wonder what you’re up to. Learning harmony stress and anxiety relief methods is important to your happiness.



Notice: is solely to be used as an informational resource and should never be used to replace contact with your licensed healthcare provider.

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