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Bubble Wrap Popping For Stress Relief, Does It Work

Feeling stressed then try it yourself and see. You start with some bubble wrap, preferably used and start popping the little bubbles. Really some people have found this to relieve stress and anxiety.

The Truth about Bubble Wrap for Stress Relief

Most of us understand that stress relief is an internal process that we must control and drive ourselves. Every newspaper, magazine and TV show is punctuated with ads describing some form of stress relief. Often it is a story about an exercise program, meditation technique or some form of medicine. As each of us focuses on our inner self it was only time before that focus moved to using standard materials around us to narrow in on our problems.

The use of bubble wrap for stress relief is one of the results of this movement. However, even the use of bubble wrap for stress relief may not help the most stressed individuals. As bubble wrap is everywhere, the supply of this new found health aid is not an issue, nor is the cost for that matter.

How Does Bubble Wrap Popping For Stress Relief Work?

The destruction, obliteration or other anger machination of inanimate objects has long been a rather inefficient form of stress relief. Slamming doors, putting fists through walls are both examples of rather shortly lived attempts at stress relief. These may feel good momentarily, but the stress returns very quickly. The use of bubble wrap for stress relief, through the popping of the little pockets or bubbles, is an innovative idea that provides some real opportunity for true stress relief.

First, the use of bubble wrap for stress relief does not involve any use of drugs unless you pursue the bubble popping to a point of requiring ibuprofen for soreness of your popping fingers! The use of bubble wrap for stress relief does not require visits to a gym or guru. The continued popping noise and the feeling that it generates naturally reduces your stress and soon you will realize that nothing else matters but the rhythmic popping of the bubbles in front of you.

How About Bubble Wrapping for Relief

At some point in the near future, many spas and fashionable clinics will begin to offer the bubble wrap. Once this occurs, the use of bubble wrap for stress relief will become ubiquitous. Imagine being wrapped, to a degree that is comfortable for you, in bubble wrap and then beginning your meditation in your favorite sauna or steam machine. As time unfolds, the heat and sweat reduce your tissues, clean your pores and help you melt away an inch or two.

Using bubble wrap as the wrapping material, enables the use of the bubble wrap for stress relief at the same time. The patient may pop away and create that unique rhythm, that they alone feel, that melts away the stress. Bubble wrap for stress relief is by far one of the most novel modern methods of treatment for stress. I have tried this method of stress relief on myself and others and almost everyone loves to pop those bubbles. Both the feeling of popping the bubbles as well as the sound produces a great amount of satisfaction and relief. No Bubble Wrap Try Virtual Bubble Wrap Popping







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